Outpatient clinics

Bridge Poli

Bridge Poli provides a fast connection between your doctor and the hospital. You will get there as a patient an appointment within a few days. The specialist links his findings / advice back to the GP, so that it can deal with you further. If necessary, the specialist Bridge Poli can also refer to an outpatient clinic at the hospital. An appointment at the Bridge Poli can only referral from your GP.

Location Maastricht UMC +

  • Coming from the garage then you go through the walkway towards the central hall of the Maastricht UMC + and take the walkway, the first hallway on the left.
  • You enter through the main entrance of the Maastricht UMC +, you will in the main lobby toward garage where on the walkway towards the right.
  • Follow Route 3 or view the map

Phone: 043-387 56 69.

Specialized on the Bridge Poli

  • Internal Medicine (diabetes)
  • Gastroenterology and Hepatology (MDL)
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Osteoporosis outpatient
  • Urgent Poli Rheumatology
  • Screening Consultation Gastroenterology Liver (MDL)
  • Consultation with pictures of the eyes are made in diabetic patients (fundus photos) ..