Gynaecologie en Obstetrie

About Obstetrics (obstetrics) and Gynecology

gynecology The specialty Obstetrics & Gynecology deals with diseases and disorders of the female reproductive organs. You may have to deal with the gynecologist for problems in pregnancy (obstetrics or obstetrics), if it fails to become pregnant (reproductive medicine, IVF), with bleeding, abdominal pain and / or endometriosis, verzakkings- or incontinence symptoms (skin) abnormalities of the female reproductive organs, sexological problems (general gynecology) and a malignant disease of the female genital organs (gynecological oncology).

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Gynecologists of the Maastricht UMC + all have their own area and work closely with the gynecologists in the Limburg region, pediatricians, surgeons, urologists, sexologists and psychologists. They form an expertise and / or referral center for:

  • Complex pelvic floor problems
  • Complex pregnancy complications, particularly vascular disease in pregnancy
  • Endometriosis and endometrial
  • Gynaecological Oncology
  • IVF / ICSI with PGD
  • Young pregnant
  • Robotic Surgery