About Ophthalmology

ophthalmology The University Clinic for Ophthalmology Maastricht UMC is responsible for the basic academic and eye care in the service area of ​​the Maastricht UMC +. Patients may here also for all ophthalmic diseases go. Ophthalmic practices in the Atrium Medical Center Parkstad Heerlen at the sites, Brunssum and Kerkrade are part of the University Clinic of Ophthalmology, and the Polyclinic Ophthalmology Sint Truiden (Belgium).

The research focuses on glaucoma, refractive (cataract) surgery and corneal transplants. In addition, the University Clinic for Ophthalmology an important partner in the Maastricht Study, a long-term study of diabetes mellitus.

Education at the University Clinic for Ophthalmology involves the training of ophthalmologists, participation in the training of medical students, fellowships for ophthalmologists, optometrists and observer ships for foreign placements for various courses.

At the University Clinic of Ophthalmology 20 ophthalmologists, 24 optometrists work in training, three senior researchers and a varying number of PhD students. They are supported by approximately 40 employees.