Geriatric Medicine

Its area of ​​geriatric medicine (also called geriatrics) falls under the department of internal medicine. Within the area of ​​interest are patients 70 years and older central, which have multiple disorders at the same time allowing them to be limited in their function.

Out patient clinic

The clinic Geriatric Medicine is part of the outpatient Internal Medicine. Contact Phone 043-387 51 00 Opening hours Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00.

Common problems of patients are:

  • Mobility issues and events;
  • Memory Problems and acute confusion;
  • Overall decline in daily functioning;
  • Bowel control;
  • Sadness, loneliness and life issues;
  • Polypharmacy, or the use of many drugs at the same time.

The approach of the patient's quality of life is central, to take into account this reason his / her vulnerability and resilience. The emphasis is on restoring and maintaining self-sufficiency. To establish a patient-centered treatment plan Geriatrics Team works closely with various disciplines such as:

  • • Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Physiotherapy (link to file: physiotherapy)
  • Occupational therapy (link to file: occupational therapy)
  • Activities Therapy (link to file: occupational therapy)
  • Speech therapy
  • Dietetics (link to file: good nutrition during your recording and recovery)
  • Spiritual care (link to file: Spiritual Care Service).
  • Transfer Consultant