Radiotherapy (EBRT) is given to the treatment of cancer MAASTRO clinic . This is an independent institution that radiation irradiation of various types of cancer care for patients in Limburg. MAASTRO clinic is located right next to the Maastricht UMC + and has a private entrance to the DR. Tanslaan 12 (opposite the Ronald Mc. Donald House) with private parking for patients eligible for radiotherapy. It is also MAASTRO reach. Serrehal from the hospital by a covered walkway The website MAASTRO is plenty of information available to patients, including practical information for the first visit .

For the irradiation, use is made of X-radiation, which, however, many times stronger than the radiation used for the making of x-rays. Sometimes it is also used a radioactive source which is applied. Into the body near the tumor Prior to the first irradiation are extensive preparatory work is needed, such as imaging (CT or PET-CT), or the manufacture of tools.

MAASTRO works with hospitals in Maastricht, Heerlen, Sittard, Roermond, Weert and Venlo. For the region of North and Central Limburg MAASTRO has an office in Venlo.

The medical staff of MAASTRO clinic can also be found on the website: team Radiotherapists .